Essence Gives You More Financial Protection than Traditional Medicare

moop-icon_2 When you have just traditional Medicare, you are responsible for 20 percent of your medical costs. With the cost of healthcare on the rise, that 20 percent can really add up. An unexpected illness or injury could put your savings and retirement at risk. As an Essence member, instead of paying 20 percent of your costs, you pay small copays or co-insurance amounts when you see the doctor or have other healthcare services. The great news is that, unlike traditional Medicare, Essence puts a limit on what you pay out of your own pocket for your covered medical care each year. With Essence, no matter how many times you see the doctor or go to the hospital, your total out-of-pocket costs are capped. This means you can never pay more than the maximum out of pocket amount in a given year for your medical care. If you reach the limit during the year, you will pay nothing out of your own pocket for the remainder of the year. This important financial protection not only safeguards your savings and retirement, it also makes budgeting for your healthcare so much easier.