Our Story

In 2003, a group of St. Louis-area doctors grew frustrated with big insurance companies making it difficult for them to care for patients. They realized that in order to provide the high-quality care people with Medicare needed and deserved, something had to change. Instead of trying to transform those large insurance corporations, they decided to form their own unique health plan based on the simple, preschool-level concept of sharing. By working collaboratively and sharing information freely with the doctors and health systems in its network, Essence was able to help ensure that every patient received the right care, in the right setting, at the right cost. By collaborating and partnering with doctors, something remarkable happened: the quality of care members received improved while the cost of care actually decreased. Those savings enabled Essence to consistently offer generous benefits to its members and become a leading Medicare plan in the market. Years later, Essence continues to spearhead this model, working side by side with its close-knit team of physicians and hospitals, and rewarding them for helping members manage chronic conditions, get well, and most importantly, stay that way. For Essence members, this means that our plans are designed to keep you healthy and active. That’s why you’ll find comprehensive hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage — as well as valuable extra benefits like dental and fitness — as part of our affordable all-in-one plans. It’s all part of a our truly unique approach to health insurance that has always been, and always will be, based on an unwavering commitment to protecting the health and wellness of our friends and neighbors with Medicare in the communities we serve. It’s that approach and dedication that has helped Essence Healthcare earn the trust of over 60,000 members in Missouri and Southern Illinois, as well as national recognition as a leader in the positive transformation of our country’s healthcare system.